A mix of business savvy and stellar interpersonal relationship skills to bring you sleek, simple visuals that will grow your footprint.

Visual Velocity Media, LLC, is a locally owned and operated digital media company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. As the local affiliate of a national direct-to-consumer marketing organization, our mission is to partner with local businesses in Raleigh and its surrounding suburbs to grow and engage with customers where they shop, eat, work and play.

We are building a network of dynamic Indoor Digital Billboards strategically placed within local high-traffic businesses. Our digital screens display full motion ads highlighting local businesses and the unique services and deals they provide. Your advertisements on our billboards can’t be skipped, paused, or blocked.

Grow your business and customer base by targeting local consumers as they go about their daily lives. From restaurants to coffee shops, doctors’ offices to auto repair shops, gyms to pet services, your business’s messaging can be seen wherever your customers go!

Meet our Team

John Fontana, CEO

James Fontana, COO